Show Information

Show information:

Art will be judged and awards will be given for overall booth displays.

Show Hours: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm
Set-Up: Friday, September 2
Deadline for applying: July 31, 2022. Late registration $170

Show Rules

  • All art must be original conception and created by the applicant.
  • No work from commercial molds, patterns or kits including any resale items.
  • All jewelry must be hand fabricated by the applicant.
  • No imported items accepted.

Acceptance Information

  • All work submitted will be screened for acceptance into the show.
  • You must submit at least three photo prints showing your art and booth display.
  • Art is subject to inspection before as well as during the show.

Booth fees

  • $15 application fee for new applicants.
  • $150 per single booth (10’x10’).
  • Artist is responsible for MI state sales tax.

Space Information

  • Each booth space is 10’x10’.
  • White tents preferred.
  • All booths must fit within a 10’x10’ area and be able to withstand inclement weather.
  • Generators must be approved by show committee.
  • All vehicles must be removed immediately after unloading and parked in approved spaces.
  • Artists must be ready to open at 10:00am and remain open until 5:00pm each day.